Craig Damrauer | Selected Work
Time and the City essay for the Re:form section of Medium

I'll Let You Stay, If You Let Me ongoing
All the Japanese Words in John Hersey's Hiroshima
The Hole Into Which All My Problems Shall Be Heaped
One Dozen Instructions presented at the Unnoticed Art Festival, Netherlands

After the Forest Installation for the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans
Consider Yourself Warned Installation for Absolut Open Canvas, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Everything We Need To Know, A Semi-Scientific Approach
Collaboration with Google Alerts. The Masur Museum of Art

All The Ideas We've Had and Ever Will Have Proposal for a sculpture
New Math Solo exhibition at Paul Smith's GLOBE Gallery, London
The New Math of Stuff Series for The Atlantic

Various Greetings Special Project, Pulse Art Fair
Calls to Actions Special Project, Pulse Art Fair
The New Math of Relationships project with 20 X 200
The Peacock's Feathers Each Have a Secret Desire
The Originals

New Math, edited by Ed Ruscha Published by CT Editions, London
New Math - Modern Art project with 20 X 200

One, Two, Three in collaboration with MCA DENVER
All You Can Eat
Presented at Los Angeles Contemporary Editions

New Math